DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

DISCLOSURE: This project is being considered for a prize from Cricut.

I am so excited to share my entry into the Cricut Design Space Star Challenge for September! The category for this month was Wedding/Celebrations and my team, Team 14 (or Team AWESOME!), chose a Floral/Woodland theme. My contribution was the invitations, and I’m psyched to show you how awesome an invitation that is made 100% by the Cricut Explore can look! I will add links to all of my teams posts at the bottom of this post as they become available so that you can see more Woodland Celebration Inspiraiton!
wedding-invite-cricutCan you believe the above invitation was created 100% with my new Cricut Explore? The invitation and RSVP card used a pen and the blade to write and cut. The card folder used the scoring pen and blade, and the RSVP envelope used all three. It is 100% doable to make your very own rustic wedding invitation, on a budget, and still have them be spectacular!

DIY Rustic Wedding InvitationThis package utilizes an invite and RSVP that I created and printed with a computer and inserted into the card folder. Still a fun way to DIY your own invites and really get a chance to personalize them to your style and tastes.

How does one go about making the Rustic Wedding Invites from above?

Come close and I’ll share my secrets with you!


How to make a rustic Wedding Invitation with the Cricut Explore


Folder 12×12 Cardstock – I used Brown | Invite 12×12 Cardstock – I used a Cream Linen | Cricut Pens | Cricut Scoring Pen | Cricut Explore | Elmer Glue Pen

First, you need to pick the size you want your invites to be. Remember, most likely you’ll have to mail at least a few of these, so check the postal rates for odd size items before plowing forward. If you plan on making your own invitation envelope that will hold this package, you’ll want to also keep in mind that you have a 12×12 paper limit. If you make a 5.5×5.5 finished product, you probably won’t able to pull off an envelope, so you’ll either have to go with a smaller size, or look into purchasing envelopes. If you do plan on hand delivering all of the invites, then you have nothing to worry about!

Set Cricut CanvasFirst, let’s create the invites. Login to Cricut Design Space and create a new document. Set the canvas to a basic square and set your dimensions – I went with 5×5.

How to write with your Cricut Explore

Using the add text tool, start typing the info for your invite. From the Font Menu click the arrow in the top right and choose Has a Writing Style from the menu. Choose the font your want to use. The main text for my invite was Simple Celebrations and I chose black for the pen color. It was also all in one text box.

Using a Cricut Explore Pen to WriteNOTE: I was unable to find Cricut pens that were a very fine point, so I ended up using Michaels Recollections Very Fine Point Pens to write the black portion of the invite. The Gold was used with an authentic Cricut Pen. Use non-authorized pens at your own risk. I’m hoping Cricut will be releasing other pen options soon!

How to choose Cricut Pen ColorsI hit enter a few times to make space for the name, which was done in Soiree Lettering – Grace and was in it’s own text box. I chose the pen color as Gold Metallic.

Next I wanted to add a bit of embellishment to the invite. I imported an svg file I created in Illustrator for the swirls. For the flowers, I searched for Flowers in the Cricut Image Library and picked one that fit my fancy. I then arranged each in the corners to my liking.

Next I created a 5×5 box around the entire invite, which tells the machine to cut the invite out.

How to use the Cricut attach featureLastly, I selected all of the layers and clicked the attach button, which tells the software to keep all of the elements in their current position and to cut them/write them as one item. Press GO, choose how many invites you want per sheet, set your media to cardstock and start cutting!


How to make an RSVP card with the Cricut Explore


12×12 Cardstock – I used the same stock as the invite | Cricut Pen | Cricut Scoring Pen | Cricut Explore

For the RSVP card you are going to do the same thing as the invite, but you’ll set your canvas size to 5×4. To make the lines I used dashes and set the Letter Spacing to 0. If you like my RSVP card and want to use it, you may access it in Cricut Design Space. <– Just click the link and it should open for you!

How to upload an image to Cricut Design SpaceNow it’s time to pull the whole package together! To make the card envelope you can either try to create your own, or download my Invite Card Folder SVG file. Once you have it downloaded to your computer, you will open a new 12×12 canvas in Cricut Design Space and click on Upload Image. Click on Vector Upload, click Browse, choose the Card Folder SVG file and click open. Enter an image name and click Save Image.

Cricut Design SpaceOnce the card folder is inserted, size accordingly. Mine is 11″ wide by 8″ tall and accommodates a 5×5 card perfectly. Next I added a bird detail cutout in the corner of the front cover of the folder. I searched for an image that I liked, made a few changes by deleting a branch, etc and then placed it accordingly. You are free to use whatever cutout you want on the front of your folder! You will also need to add two  “score lines” – to do so, click on insert images. Search for Score Line – click and insert it and then make the necessary adjustments to place it on the invite – see the gray lines in the image above. Struggling with the Score Line? Check out this How to Use the Score Line YouTube video.

Make a DIY Wedding Invite with Cricut ExploreOnce the card folder is cut, remove it from the mat. Carefully fold along the score lines. Using an Elmer’s Glue pen or something similar, glue the flap onto the inside front cover. Place something heavy on top of the folder for a few minutes so that the glue can dry.



12×12 Cardstock | Foam Glue Dots | Cricut Pen | Cricut Scoring Pen | Cricut Explore

While that is drying, we’ll go make our RSVP Envelope. I searched through the available images and chose an envelope that I liked and then sized it to fit my RSVP card. I used Simple Creations Font to add my address to the front of my envelope. If you would like to use my RSVP Envelope, you may access it in Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Explore DIY EnvleopeOnce the envelope is cut, carefully remove it and fold along the score lines. I added a small double sided adhesive dot that will close the RSVP envelope. Leave the paper on the exposed side of the dot so that once the respondee goes to return the RSVP Card, all they have to do is insert the card, remove the paper from the dot and secure closed. Don’t forget to add a stamp to your RSVP Envelope before mailing!


Woodland Celebration Invitation made with a Cricut ExploreSUPPLIES:

Cardstock | Cricut Explore

The last item we need to make is the LOVE tag. I simply inserted a circle, sized it 2″ in diameter and then added LOVE in a block font. Make sure to select all and click attach then go ahead and cut. If you want to use mine, you can access it in Cricut Design Space.


Rustic Wedding Invitation

Now that we have all the parts, let’s put the invite together!

1. Adhere double sided foam dots to the back of the invite.

2. Adhere the invite to the right inside side of the invite folder.

3. Place the RSVP Card and Envelope in the folder pocket.

4. Thread the LOVE tag onto some twine and wrap around the closed folder several times. Tie with a bow on the side of the folder and you’re done!

And a few more pretty pictures:

DIY Rustic Woodland Wedding Invitation

Woodland Celebration RSVP Card

DIY Woodland Invitation

Before I get to my teams links, I have some more exciting news!

It’s time your creativity pays off so you can really make it!  Cricut has just announced the second phase of the Cricut – I Made It! contest and this time they’re awarding one winner their own Make it Now™ project line to be sold in Cricut Design Space™!

To help create your line, Cricut will fly you to their headquarters in Salt Lake City to work side-by-side with their design team.  Then you and a guest (pick me! pick me!) will enjoy an all-expense paid stay at the Grand America Hotel – a luxury resort in Salt Lake City, home to the best skiing in the world.

The winner will be featured on and every time a Cricut user purchases your project, you’ll earn money.  Cha-ching! Cricut will even help with your publicity.

Cricut is upping the fame game even more…camera, lights, action…. Cricut has partnered with the The Design Network – a premier online design channel – to showcase the Cricut- I Made It! winner this fall. You’ll get a spotlight feature on a network dedicated to celebrating great designers and their creative star power.

Cricut’s judges, including DIY Diva Alison Deyette and two creative directors from Cricut, will pick 50 finalists from the best project entries based on creativity, use of materials and technique.  Who will pick the ultimate winner? You, the public, will vote online in October!

To enter the Cricut – I Made It! contest, all you need is a photo of an original project. You can upload up to five photos (which can be five individual projects or multiple photos of one project). You have until September 30th to enter.  What are you waiting for? It’s time you Made It big! Head to to enter today.

Now onto more Woodland Celebration Inspiration from Team 14:

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