Easy Clay Snow White Pendant and Apple Earrings

Snow White Pendant and Apple Earrings

It’s time for another round of #CreativeBuzz with some of my favorite blogging friends. This months theme was Apple. You’d think I’d have an easy go of this, especially since one of my most popular Back-to-School projects is my Terra Cotta Apple… but I struggled a bit! Until I started thinking of Apple Earrings, which I thought could be cute as a Teacher Gift. But Once I thought of those, I started thinking that my girls would love them and how they would be PERFECT paired with a Snow White necklace, and the idea was born.

Want to make your own? This really is very simple to create. It’s basically just a bunch of different sized balls, some get flattened, but that’s about it, so let’s get started! And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post to see 11 other Awesome Apple Projects!

SUPPLY LIST (includes affiliate links):

Polyform Clay

Eye Pins

Earring Findings


Leather Cord

Necklace Clasp

Fold Over Crimp Ends


Clay Snow White Pendant TutorialAbove is an image of the main parts needed to create the Snow White Pendant. My main dress pieces were about 1″ in diameter.

Snow White Pendant TutorialPlace the blue “dress” ball on top of the yellow “dress” ball. Press firmly so that they loose a little of their ball shape.

Snow White Pendant TutorialPlace the “head” ball on top and press lightly.

Snow White Pendant TutorialGently lay the hair onto the head and press it lightly into place. I sort of rubbed it into place. I used a clay spatula to work it into the crevice in the back of the head. Just get it nice and smooth over the head.

Snow White Clay Pendant TutorialNow gently place the two bow pieces onto the top center of the head.

Snow White Princess Pendant TutorialLightly press the arms onto the blue portion of the body and mold into place.

Snow White Pendant TutorialPress the hands into place.

Snow White Pendant TutorialThe eyes are tricky to get into place, so just take your time. Once you get them, press firmly to keep them there!

Snow White Pendant TutorialNow let’s add a fun accent to the sleeves, just to give a bit more style, shall we? Roll up two small pieces of red clay – about the size that the eyes were and press firmly onto each sleeve.

Snow White Pendant Tutorial

Princess Pendant TutorialStick  a long eye pin(the kind for making earrings and such) into the head between the bow and all the way down. You do not want your eye pin to pierce the bottom of the pendant, so if it is too long, make sure to trim it first.

At this point she is cute, but I really wanted her to have a bit more expression, so let’s finish off her face:

Snow White Clay Pendant TutorialRoll too tiny pieces of pink clay and press them onto the face to create cute little blushing cheeks.

Snow White Pendant TutorialSnow White Clay Pendant TutorialI used a Clay Knife to shape a flattened piece of clay into lips and pressed them into place. TIP: Take your time, it took a few tries to get the placement right.

Snow White is done and can be set aside. Let’s work on the Apple Earrings:

Clay Apple EarringsUsing red clay, make two small balls. Mine were a little over .25″ in diameter.

Clay Apple Earring TutorialI rolled a tiny “snake” of brown clay and cut it in half to create a stem – make it proportional to your apple.

For the leaf, I rolled out a small flat piece of green clay and just cut out a leave shape.

I first placed the stem on top of the apple and lightly pressed it into the apple with the flat side of my clay knife. I then did the same with the leaf.

Apple Earrings Tutorial

Apple Earring TutorialNow it’s time to add the eye pins to the apple. Mine were too long, so I measured them against the apples and trimmed to size. I then pushed them through the top of the apple. I tried to catch the bottom of the stem and the leaf as well, to help keep them in place.

The next step is to bake the pieces. Follow the directions on the box of clay. My Snow White went in for 1 hour, the apples went in for a 1/2 hour.

Clay Pendant Tutorial

Clay Pendant TutorialOnce the clay is done baking and cooled, it’s time to make your necklace for the pendant. I chose to use beads and leather cording. To attach the pendant to the necklace I added a jump ring to the eye pin and threaded the cording through the ring. I used clamp closures on the end of the leather cord and a fun clasp piece that I attached to the clamp closures with jump rings.

DIY Snow White Necklace

For the earrings, add a earring post to each eye pin and you’re done:

Apple Earring Tutorial

DIY Snow White Jewelry Set

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