Shower in the dark… you know you want to.

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Remember this crazy little poll I had in my side bar a little bit ago?  The reason I was asking was a) to see how many other crazies are out there and b) because if there were a few I would share this next bit of info.

First off, My name is Kim {hi Kim!} and I shower in the dark.  OK, so not always, but I wake up at 5:30 am and have 1.5 hours to get myself and three children ready to go to school, daycare and work.  So yes, sometimes I wake up and I don’t really want to be up, so I get into the shower with the lights off and just have some time to myself.  No bright lights, nothing.  Just dark.  But this can pose a problem.  You see, if my husband has moved my shampoo and conditioner bottles around it can be a real hassle.  Especially this time of year. I mean the sun doesn’t come up till 7:00, so there is no chance of any sunbeams shining through my window to shed some light on which bottle is which.

Enter glow-in-the-dark puff paint!  I put a dab of the paint on the cap of the conditioner and spread it around and I’m set.  And it still works even without light all night.  The first morning I gave it a try I got in and looked at where my bottles should be and didn’t see a thing and I was bummed because my idea didn’t work.  BUT THEN, I grabbed the bottles and looked closer and sure enough there was a faint glow… which may have been brighter but since I’m blind as a bat without my contacts, who knows!  So YAY! No more shampooing AFTER conditioning.  Oh and the mornings where my hubby showers first and when he showers with the light on {because I am here to tell you his secret: he showers in the dark a lot too!}, my conditioner top glows bright as can be. Even me, Mrs. Magoo, can see it from afar!
Oh, and just a side note – if you don’t have glow-in-the-dark puff paint, any puff paint will do.  All you have to do is feel the cap and you can tell there is paint on it!
Happy Showering!


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    Too cute! And hilarious too…never tried it, but sounds relaxing and somehow isolating but in that no-child-around-to-peek-in-or-flush-the-tiolet-way…so yeah, the GOOD way!
    Would bee fun to freak out my hubs like this too!