What I did this weekend.

Sorry for the lack of posts this past weekend. We were busy with family and friends!  This time of year I don’t have time for crafting so you may have to bear with me until January. We did put up our Christmas lights:

We are switching over to LED lights – all the white and blue ones over the garage and front porch.  Those cost us $75, so we will continue the switch next year because we’ll need about the same amount to finish the rest of the house.  Even thought it looking a little funky – whatever, the kids love them, right?
I also made another quiet book for my Godson for Christmas.  He is getting a couple of other (Buzz Lightyear) items, but he is a busy body and I thought this would be good for him!  I made this during naptime on Saturday.

Here is a run down:
(The envelope holds the pieces for the face).

Lastly, although I didn’t help, my daughter, sister and mom put together this HUGE Gingerbread house: